Alumax Skirted Vertical Box Flatbed 96″ x 112″ 60″ Cab & Chassis “ON ORDER”


Check out these new beds by Alumax.

This bed comes standard with

  • Underbody boxes in Skirting
  • Style #4000 Headboard
  • Ribbed Extruded Floor
  • Tapered Corners
  • Steps on Rear Bumper
  • Gooseneck Opening 14″ x 14″


Available Flatbed Options

  •  Pockets and Rub Rails Across Back of Body
    Angled Rear Bed Corners, 8”x12”                                
  •  Recessed D-rings in Floor of Flatbed                           
  •  Additional Fuel Filler Port, DEF for Second Tank       
  •  16”x16”  Gooseneck Opening                                       
  •  Steps & Grab Handle on Front of Body
  •  Steps on Rear Skirt of Body
  •  8” High Removable Sides & Tailgate
  • 12” High Removable Sides & Tailgate
  • Extruded Stake Posts (To Build you own Sides)
  • Aux. Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • Diamond Aluminum UnderBody Toolboxes
  • Smooth Aluminum Underbody Toolboxes


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